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Customer Care

As a clothing company and Event Promotion Company, it is crucial that our customers are taken care of and are accustomed to the LYFESTYLE. The shop is located on the forefront corner of east Walnut street, Southside of Evansville. Customers are welcome in the shop during regular hours of operation. if you have any questions contact Fatpapi through instagram direct message @fatpapi___ or Facebook through messenger @papilyfeent!

Hours of Operation



SUNDAY - closed

 1202 E Walnut St

Privacy & Safety

Any form of purchase with #Papilyfeent is recorded. We use Square by Apple as our third party banking which keeps record of the purchasers first and last name, card last 4-digits, items bought with prices, detailed item description, time, and day. 


Security cameras are set up through the shop, including the entrance through the parking lot . Any fraudulent activity involving dishonest disputes, theft, and vandalism will be handled by Evansville Police Department. 

In case of any suspected fraudulent activity at the time of purchase, we ask that your card match your government issued ID. 

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


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